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Tux-Lab Manufacturing Project
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Benjamin Franklin 1737
The slow and laborious task of building Tux-Lab.

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Work In Progress Part 3
Mar 23, 2011

Almost Ready. . .

Work In Progress Part 2
Oct 04, 2010

Progress is still slow but the manufacturing space is gradually taking shape. The machines are finally up and running and the environment is looking habitable.

A youtube channel has been added and the protest banner will come back up at a later date.

. . . Freedom for ALL!!!

Clean Dry Air
Sep 29, 2010

Clean dry air, the supposed cure for all mechanical ailment. Sticking Tools? Try clean dry air. Rusting solenoid valves? Try clean dry air. Not having enough time to do what needs to be done? . . . . probably have to look else where, but at least there's clean dry air.

Another old friend comes to life with a newly added air dryer.

Not prettiest copper soldering, but it will do the job of distributing clean dry compressed air to all the cnc machines

H Day
Aug 31, 2010

Haas HFO van showed up. . .

After a few hours, SR-100 powers up. . .

A few hours more and TL-2 powers up. . .

Another small step toward manufacturing. It took almost a year or delays and detours but nevertheless, the machines are finally up and running.

End of Hibernation
Jun 25, 2010

Wow!!! Yippee!!!

Using a temporary reciprocating air composers and hooked up to subpanel D, Haas VF-2SS awokes from its long hibernation. It was last powered up at its old location 9 month ago. I thought, surely by the end of 09' it will be up and running again. . or definitely by early this year. . . .well, at least it's finally up and running. I went through the electrical setup and next step is to level of the machine, then wiping it down, set up the coolant tank, putting on the accessory shelves. . . . Wow, good to see an old friend back to its former healthy state again.

One up and two more to go. . .

Subpanel D
Jun 21, 2010

Finally, after 6 month of frequent stops and periodic works, the supposedly weekend project has been completed. We now have power to the machines and we are starting on the next weekend project, setting up the air compressor. Let's see, we will need to pour the concrete pad, pull a water tight electrical conduit and then bring the compress air ~65' back to the machining area. Using the progress on Subpanel D as a guide. . . let's see. . . yup. . .got it. Check back with us in a year and we will be ready to test run the cnc machine. . . .

Work In Progress
Feb 18, 2010

Progress has been slow and the manufacturing space is gradually taking shape. The machines has been in place for over three month now, but the cleaning up around the machines wasn't completed until a couple weeks ago. It's just a simple picture but we had to move a bunch of pallets to make taking this picture possible.

. . . Freedom for ALL!!!

Haas SR-100 & TL-2
Sep 27, 2009
Addition of a Haas SR-100 CNC router and a Haas TL-2 CNC tool room.

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