Jun 20 2011

Haas SR-100 Vacuum Table

A 3 zone vacuum table was routed from MDF, sealed with multiple coats of polyacrylic, and plumbed to an Italian made Travaini TRVM40-200 oil ring vacuum pump, via 2" pvc piping.

Jun 13 2011

ULS M300 Laser Cartridge Replacement

After 8 years of use, the power output on the 35Watt CO2 laser cartridge on the ULS M300 laser engraver (Made in USA) started to fade within a couple minutes of vector cutting.    ULS has a laser cartridge exchange program and the installation is a quick toolless 5 minute process. 

Apr 21 2011

Haas SR-100 Router and Oneida V3000 Cyclone Dust Collector

A domestically manuifactured Onedia V-3000 dust collector was ordered and installed for the Haas SR-100 router.

Mar 23 2011

Work In Progress 3

With the installation of the domestically manufactured Royal 5C Pneumatic Collet Closer, the Haas TL2 cnc tool room lathe with the optional 3500rpm spindle is officially operational.

Mar 22 2011

Work In Progress 3

Almost ready . . .

Oct 04 2010

Work In Progress 2

Progress is slow but the manufacturing space is gradually taking shape. The machines are up and running and the environment is looking habitable.

A youtube channel has been added.

Sep 29 2010

Sullair ES-8

Another old friend comes to life with a newly added air dryer. . . . show details

Another old friend comes to life with a newly added air dryer. The addition of an air dry removes the moisure from the compressed air line and reduces the possiblity of tools sticking.

Aug 31 2010

Hass TL-2 & SR-100 Factory Setup

Haas factory setup courtesy of HFO Torrance.

Haas TL-2 Toolroom Lathe setup.

Haas SR-100 Router setup.

Jun 25 2010

Hass VF-2SS End of Hibernation

Haas VF-2SS powers up after 9 month of hibernation.

Feb 21 2010

Subpanel D

Tux-Lab Electrical Subpanel D

After 6 month of frequent stops and periodic works, the supposedly weekend project has been completed. We now have power to the machines.