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Tux-Lab's goal is to prove a nurturing, collegial, and collaborative domestic manufacturing environment for aspiring entrepreneurs who value liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness.

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- Updates -

Nov 19 2014

SI7021 Humidity & Temperature Sensors PCB Layout

We exclusively use KiCAD, and open source . . . show details

We exclusively use KiCAD, and open source electronic design software suite, to draw our schematics and layout our PCBs. We also use OSHPark, an domestic PCB batching company that uses US based PCB manufactures, to manufacture our boards.

Si7021 is a simple moisture and temperature sensor IC that communicates though I2C.

We especially thanks IO Rodeo for patiently helping us get started on using KiCAD.

Nov 02 2014


Sud-Lab Community Soap Making

Suds-Lab was briefly formed to serve as a learning . . . show details


Suds-Lab was briefly formed to serve as a learning experience for gathering people from different disciplinary backgrounds and working on a common project. We figure soap is something everyone uses and the process of making soap is enjoyable for all.


We made a batch of soap using 6mm acrylic soap molds, and over the next few weeks we designed the logo and setup a simple website.

Sud-Lab Community Soap Making Laser Cut Acrylic Mold

Jul 06 2014

Haas ST-20SS

Haas ST-20SS CNC Lathe setup. . . . show details

Haas ST-20SS CNC Lathe setup.


Haas ST-20SS CNC Lathe
Chuck Size: 8.3”
X Axis Travel: 9.3”
X Axis Travel: 21.0”
Spindle HP: 30hp
Spindle RPM: 5,000
Max Torque: 140ft-lb @ 1450rpm
Tool Stations: 24
Automatic Tool Presetter
Chip Conveyor
Part Catcher
Programmable Tailstock
Made In USA

Apr 24 2014

BlueEagleLab's Kossel Clear

Tux-Lab assisted in converting the FDM . . . show details

Tux-Lab assisted in converting the FDM printed brackets used in BlueEagleLabs's Kossel Clear 3D Printer, into equivalent laser cut acrylic brackets to give it better rigidity and shorten the production cycle.

Dec 15 2013

CNC Machining + Electronics + Programming

Modules with Machined Heatsinks

Our ideal projects involves a bit of CNC machining, a bit of electronics, and some programming. Sometimes not by choice, and sometimes we fail miserably.

Aug 09 2013

ULS PLS4.75 Assembled

The new laser engraver is up and running.

Aug 01 2013

ULS PLS4.75 65W CO2 Laser Engraver

Various CO2 laser engravers were evaluated.  Ultimately . . . show more

Various CO2 laser engravers were evaluated.  Ultimately we feel the ULS system offers the best value, has the best local support, and is made in USA.


Universal Laser System
Platform: PLS4.75
Work Area: 24" x 18"
Laser: 60W CO2
Options: Cutting Table
  Air Assist
Made In USA

May 04 2012

Haas SR-100 Vacuum Table

A two way solenoid valve was installed to enable the control, through CNC Controller M-Code, of opening and closing the pneumatic 5C collect chuck.  A roller lever switch, wired in parallel, was also added to the boot padel, to enable manual control.

Mar 30 2012

TIG Cart

A cart for Miller Diversion 180 TIG welder was designed with FreeCAD and welded using a Miller SP175+ MIG Welder.

Nov 12 2011

Miller Diversion180 Tig Welder

The Miller Diversion 180, an entry level (230V/120) budget TIG welder arrived today.  A TIG welding car is being drawn using OpenSCAD.